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answers to citizens' questions
9 questions received, 9 answered
(...) It now seems that it is down to wage competition between different regions of the EU and the departure of Dell to Poland is just one example. So are the numerous individuals from other member states who are being pushed to work for less than the minimum rate in service stations and shops around the country. (...)
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(...) My thoughts on the free movement of goods and services means that I would tend toward the second scenario that you outline in your question, i.e. that people should be able to purchase goods and wares (ammunition for hunting or shooting, et cereta) provided that they have in their possession all of the correct documents that are required under the existing act in force. (...)
3 questions received, 3 answered
(...) On the question of committing myself to banning embryo destruction. Is that within my powers as an MEP? (...)
16 questions received, 10 answered
(...) What the Lisbon Treaty does is to institutionalise the Charter of Fundamental Rights. (...) We argued these points endlessly in the campign leading up to the Lisbon Treaty and will do so again. (...)
3 questions received, 3 answered
I am unfamiliar with these laws in relation to weapons and the interaction
between state and EU law. I would need to study it more. (...)
16 questions received, 16 answered
(...) Dear Julie,

Thanks for your question. My position is that no one should receive
benefits they´re not entitled to but that everyone should receive what
they are entitled to. Special measures need to be put in place to ensure
that people, particularly those who are on the margins of society, are
given assistance to claim what they´re entitled to. (...)
14 questions received, 10 answered
(...) Instead, they reneged on promises to allocate 0.7% GNP in Overseas Development Assistance by 2007. This is the third wealthiest state in the world - their decision to reduce our commitment to just 0.5% by 2007 was unjustifiable, and constitutes a betrayal of the world´s poorest. (...)
14 questions received, 10 answered
(...) The Lisbon Treaty, like many of the treaties that went before it, does not deliver reform, efficiency or democracy. (...) This is why Sinn Fein campaigned for a "No" vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty will involve the most substantial transfer of powers from member states to the European Council and Commission to date. (...) The Lisbon Treaty is a charter for the policies of failure. (...)
16 questions received, 16 answered
(...) Thank you for your question. Free movement is a fundamental principle of
the EU and one that is has been of enormous benefit to the Irish people
and Ireland. I very much support it. (...)
16 questions received, 16 answered
(...) I fully support the calls for an independent inquiry into violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in the conflict. I have no doubt that this issue will be on the EU´s agenda over the coming weeks and I will take up your suggestions in my contributions in these debates. (...)