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1st preference votes: 4.929, 6,8%
(...) Incentivising renewable energy generation through a system of guaranteed tariffs for generators is the right way help Ireland make the most of our wind, wave and ocean resources. We spend €6 billion every year on importing fossil fuels and in order to reduce this bill, we need to produce our own indigenous energy source. Ireland has the best renewable resources in the world and they must be exploited. (...)
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Issue traffic and infrastructure

Just wondering what are you views on car tax and insurance, I personally am in favour of lower road tax and higher fuel taxes as a lot of older people especially in the countryside drive only weekly and are very penalised by high car taxes. I also believe strongly that leaders should do just that and lead and I am left to wonder why the one green party election car I saw (picture taken, no place here to attach it) had neither tax or insurance.

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Issue education

Hi Eamon,

During one of your many TV appearances during the campaign, you mentioned an education initiative whereby people are trained to build ecommerce web sites and then sent out to the community to offer their services to retailers, and SME´s.

Can you tell me where I can find out more about this?

Good luck tomorrow.

Best regards,
answer sent by Eamon Ryan
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Eamon Ryan

Many thanks for your question.

I worked, as Communications Minister, with the Digital Hub to set up this scheme. It is called the Web Activate Programme. It takes young people off the Live Register, trains them in new internet technologies and then places them in companies for work experience.

I think you´ll agree it´s a worthy initiative. One of my objectives if returned to office is to scale up this programme from the current 2,000 people involved to 20,000.

You´ll find out more at www.webactivate.ie .

Thanks for your good wishes,

Eamon Ryan TD
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