Michael Kennedy (Fianna Fáil)
candidate Dáil election

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Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute
Full time Public Representative
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Portmarnock, Co. Dublin
Dublin North ,
1st preference votes: 3.519, 7,1%
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Issue democracy and civil rights

Please let me know what your party will do for me, my children and grandchildren to fix this country on two points:

1. Put in place a political and government system suitable in size and cost for a democracy of 4.5 million people benchmarked against other small democracies such as Finland, Denmark and New Zealand.

2. Get rid of the massive private bank debts which I and other taxpayers have been made responsible for.

I can accept paying higher taxes to pay off Irish sovereign debt and for efficient public services, but not to pay off private bank debts or for ridiculous pay and pensions to current and retired politicians and senior public sector employees.

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