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1st preference votes: 12.755, 33,3%, elected
(...) I believe Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are different. We have not been in power for 14 years and we are looking for the chance to prove that we are different. (...)
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Issue agriculture and forestry

Hi Martin,

I am concerned about the recent FF vote to allow GM products enter the food chain in Ireland via animal feed. Now that the greens are no longer a restraining influence they have reversed the Irish position.

Where does FG stand on this issue?

I am sure that you are aware of the critical role that agricultural food exports play at the moment, it seems such a shame to downgrade our good reputation with european consumers who in general are not too keen on consuming GM contaminated food products even in small amounts.

I want to know your personal position as at of well as the party, seing as you are from a farming background in south Kildare, as I am myself. I am from an FG family traditionally, but now am very concerned with green issues, including the preservation of the foodchain and Ireland´s status as a GM free zone. I am currently resident in Stockholm where no one I know would buy such products and where Irish food has a good reputation. Please let me know your position on protection of irish agricultural products and the role they can play in our economic recovery.

Many Thanks

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Issue democracy and civil rights

Councellor, you have been in local government for a while now and yet no one in Newbridge or this part of the county has heard of you. How can we elect someone who only pops up looking for a vote at election time?

Also what is the difference between Fina Gael and Fianna Fail, you both dominate our local councils and there appears to little or no difference?
answer sent by Martin Heydon
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Martin Heydon

I have been on Kildare County Council since June 2009 representing the Athy electoral area so I am not a county councillor for Newbridge which is why you may not have heard of me before this election.

I was selected by Fine Gael as their candidate for Kildare South in 2010 and since then have an office in Newbridge (beside the credit union). I live just outside Kilcullen. If elected as a TD for Kildare South I will keep an office in Newbridge and be a TD for the area. As I have not been a representative for this area before I have used this election as a way of letting people know who I am.

I believe Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are different. We have not been in power for 14 years and we are looking for the chance to prove that we are different. We have a tradition of putting the country first and have a strong team who want to represent the country with honesty and integrity.


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