Brian Stanley (Sinn Féin)
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Laois - Offaly ,
1st preference votes: 8.032, 10,8%, elected
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Issue electoral system

I am asking this of all L/O candidates:

How much will you spend on your campaign (include every expenditure)?

What is the source of this finance?

Please provide a breakdown of expenditure under the following headings:
1. posters
2. leaflets
3. press advertising
4. canvasser expenses
5. travel and subsistence
6. office and staff
7. cost of staff seconded from your own or a friends business but not paid for by you
8. other expenses.

My reasoning is that I believe there should be an expenditure cap. If we, as a country, fail to impose a cap, there is the prospect that big money will become a norm in the election process.

Thank you.

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