Michael O´Sullivan (Independent)
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Cahermore, Castletownbere
Cork South - West ,
1st preference votes: 231, 0,5%
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Issue economy

Dear Candidate,

What are your top 5 priority objectives for Cork South West, and, if you are elected, how will you achieve each?

Thank you
answer sent by Michael O´Sullivan
Michael O´Sullivan

  • I want a political reform. I want to decrease the number of TD´s and county council workers by 50%.
  • I want to put a cap on public service salaries at 75,000 euro.
  • I do not agree with uni social charge and the 2 tier health system.
  • I don´t agree with more cuts in social well fare and pensions.
  • I don´t agree with an ordinary person negative equity, ordinary people should be given the same leeway as the government.
  • Reintroduce the farm retirement scheme and installation aid to help young fellows in rural areas. If you don´t have vibrant rural areas then you won´t have vibrant towns, its the country folk who spend the money in the towns.
  • I will re appeal samlon fishing policy
  • The common fishery policy needs to be completely revisted, I plan on revisiting this.

It is important to remain loyal to free political parties. Big parties don´t deliver. A quote I heard recently "A vote for candidates of political parties backed by invested interests means you´ll get a government with invested interests"
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