Phil Kearney (Green Party)
candidate Dáil election

year born
professional qualification
Registered psychotherapist
Therapist, home-maker
residence (town, city, district)
Drumcondra, Dublin
Dublin - Central ,
1st preference votes: 683, 2,0%
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Issue democracy and civil rights

1.In 2009 The Irish Times reported that ´Technology ´could save H.S.E. Millions´ if an Electronic Patient Record System was introduced. Why is it that we do not have an Electronic Patient Record System in Ireland?

2.Why has electronic counting of votes not been introduced in this country?

3.Why will people in Ireland die, due to lack of access to healthcare, when the Government continues to pour BILLIONS of Euro into a bankrupt and corrupt banking system?

4.Why is Recycling theated as WASTE? Why is it that Dublin City Council ALLOWS people, in Dublin Central, to dump their rubbish, at will, on City Streets?

5.If elected will you, and the Green Party, fight against WASTE! incineration in Ireland?

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