Joe Bonner (Independent)
candidate Dáil election

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professional qualification
Telecommunications Network Designer
residence (town, city, district)
Meath East ,
1st preference votes: 2.479, 5,8%
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Issue family

Could you please answer the five questions listed with a simple YES or NO?

1. Will you support the division of Child Benefit in proportion to who is caring for the child/children?

2. Will you support the equal treatment of fathers and mothers as parents?

3. Will you support making unmarried fathers automatic guardians of their children as in an unmarried mother?

4. Will you support to retain the current legal position of fathers and mothers who are guardians of their children act JOINTLY accordance with Section 6 of the Guardianship of Infants Act 1964?

5. Will you the support the insistence that all Family Law hearings are digitally recorded with the equipment which is already paid for by taxpayers monies and installed in the courts buildings?

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