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John Paul Phelan (Fine Gael)

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Honours Business Studies Graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology



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056 7793210

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Lisbon Treaty
Question from

I am interest to know that since the rejection of the Irish "No" has clearly shown the EU as a dictatorship what you think you can do if anything to change this situation?
Reply from
John Paul Phelan

Before the Lisbon Treaty is ratified in Ireland, an amendment to the constitution must be added. That amendment requires the approval of the people. Therefore Lisbon cannot be ratified without public approval.

The process of amending EU treaties is long and complex. Lisbon took over six years of drafting, and considerable effort and cost. It is understandable that where public opinion has rejected a proposal an effort is made to find out what aspect or aspects of the treaty the public disapproved of, and seek to reassure people as to those concerns. Critics of the European Union often accuse the Union, in many cases falsely, or wasting tax-payers´ money. It would be reckless and wasteful to abandon a process that took so long and cost so much, without first exploring whether the public´s concerns can be dealt with.

The Treaty cannot come into force until all 27 member states ratify it. Ireland can only ratify it through a constitutional referendum. So the people have the absolute right to reject any guarantees provided and vote no to the treaty. If they do, then Lisbon cannot come into force. I uphold and support the right of the people of Ireland to make that final decision on Lisbon, and will do so as a member of the European Parliament.

Kind regards,

Mary Ronan
Parliamentary Assistant to Senator John Paul Phelan
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