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(...) Failing this, our government would seek EU grants for infrastructural development. (...)
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Issue financial crisis

Hi Michael, apart from anglo and irish nationwide ( dead banks ) what are your views on the other bank bailout banks ?
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Michael Beirne
Hi Damien,

I would propose a constitutional change to act 22, preventing the use of mooney bills to re-emburse any commercial bank/institution with public money.

Michael Beirne
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Issue economy

Hi Michael,

It´s refreshing to to see a candidate that is clear in his objectives rather that the aloof drivel that some candidates have resorted to. I also commend you for having universal agendas, which is much needed, instead of constituency based that benefit the very few.

My question relates to the economic requirements of the proposals and what your views are in funding the country going forward. What are your views on taxation and other possible levies because lets face it they are going to be a necessary fact of life to get us out of this mess.

Also as a member of the public sector myself in a technical role but not a "front-line" worker, where do you feel the cuts should be made? None of the candidates has mentioned the public sector workers that lie in the middle, neither front-line or upper management..

Thanks for your attention and I wish you all the best in the election,

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Michael Beirne
Dear ,

Only two of the matters on my manifesto involve the imput of extra financial investment: the Agri college and the technical schools.

These proposals are predicated with the intention to seek to recupe money lost from this country to the bond holding banks and financial institutions who haad recovered their losses through our taxation.

Failing this, our government would seek EU grants for infrastructural development.


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Issue employment

Hi Michael,

maybe you can enlighten me with an answer to the following question, why is it that when a self employed person falls on hard times whether it by through unemployment, ill health or other that there is no option of Unemployment Benefit or Disability allowance available to them (i stand to be corrected here) surely as an individual who pays tax & prsi on a regular basis this should be a God given right?

In a time when many small business´s and self employed people are really struggling they have no where to turn for support. In every village and small town in Ireland there seems to be quiet a few people who have never worked in their life but receive a weekly allowance of some sort, quiet a few of these people have spent many years claiming ´their entitlements´ but have never put a penny back into the country, surely this cant be right, I think this ridiculous law needs some serious debating to come up with a fairer resolution to help those who deserve to get something back for all the hard work they have put in. Is this law more or less universal or is it something that effects Ireland alone?

This is not a dig at people on the dole in general, many of whom have lost their jobs due to the recession, most of who would work at anything to escape the soul destroying situation they find themselves in through no fault of their own. As I said earlier Michael I stand to be corrected if I got my facts wrong here but any self employed person I have spoken to tell me this is the case.

I would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming elections, you have some very valid proposals that none of the other parties seem to have touched on. Its time for change Michael and time for self Minded people like yourself to help implement those changes, however I fear the chance will be lost because we well know from previous experience the Irish people in general dont like change unfortunately.

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