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I am interest to know that since the rejection of the Irish "No" has clearly shown the EU as a dictatorship what you think you can do if anything to change this situation!
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Thanks a million for the question. it is crucial that as many as people as possible quiz the candidates on as many issues as possible.

We rejected Lisbon. The Parliament refuses to allow the democratic voice be heard. This week they accepted 5 reports on how they will implement the Treaty. Proinsias de Rossa voted even before the Referendum that he would not respect a No vote. Imagine if this was happening in Asia, Africa, South America?

So how do we address a problem where the politicians refuse to listen? Change the politicians. As an MEP I would have stood shoulder to shoulder with Mary Lou Mc Donald when she called on the Parliament not to plan the implementation of a Treaty that has no legal basis. We should be dealing with the real issues of homelessness, workers rights, neutrality, gobal warming.

For my part I will fight hard to become an MEP who protects democracy. For your part, get as many voters to support me.

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Tomás Sharkey