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Issue: Climate change and energy supply
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As an enviromentally minded 21 year old, who is also a realist, I would like to hear your proposals on how to deal with the global energy crisis which is having such a negative effect on our economy, in an enviromentally friendly way?

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Tomás Sharkey

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Thank you for your question. It is great to engage with so many people on this site and have so many people view the responses.
Climate change is happening now. We have to stop or hugely reduce our emissions immediately. The fastest way to set up energy generation for Ireland is through wave and wind power. Wind Turbines can be planned, built and commissioned in a matter of months. That is how we can get clean electricity onto our grid.

Unfortunately there is a party in Europe that wants to use the climate change crisis as an excuse to build Nuclear Power Plants! That party is Fine Gael and the EPP. That party wants more plants built and cheaper. Fine Gael want more Sellafields built with Wavin piping, stud walls and Homer Simpson in charge. This is an affront to the Irish people.

Nuclear Power should have no future. It takes at least 10 years to plan build and commission a Nuclear Plant and even then it is an inexact science - there could be defects that prevent it´s commissoning. There is only 50 years o plutonium left for mining. The carbon footprint of the building and mining is as much as could be saved by the electricity generated.

CND have a comprehensive document on this issue. I stand firmly with CND. Fine Gael doesnt.

I have called on Mairéad Mc Guinness in particular to try to defend her support for Nuclear. Nuclear is a threat to our health, agriculture and environment. She has failed to come clean on this issue and reject her party´s plans. Shame on her.

As an MEP I will oppose this Nuclear Plan. Until then I will continue to expose Fine Gael for what they are ... nuclear lovers.

As a young environmentalist you can do your part by getting a commitment from every candidate to oppose the FG/EPP plans.

Ádh mór ort,