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I am currently a student finishing Transition Year and my parents will face significant difficulties sending me to a good university if fees are reinstated in Ireland. What is your position on university fees and if the Fianna Fáil government does reinstate them, will you take action in Europe to ensure that whatever the Parliament can do to alleviate financial difficulties of middle-and-working class Dublin families trying to make a better life for their children.

I scored 5 As and 5 Bs in my Junior Certificate examinations, and I hope to score above 500 points in my Leaving Certificate, and I wish to go into law, but there is practically no chance of me being able to get through college and the further education required to practice if fees are instated in Irish universities. I promise that if you commit to helping students get through the tough times and come out as a new, well educated workforce ready to come out running with the end of the recession, I will try to convince my parents to vote for yourself.
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