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Can you forsee marine research research being integrated into wider food industry research in Ireland in the near future?
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Thank you for your message. Prior to the final adoption of the EU´s 7th Research and Development Framework (2007-13) in 2006, I received correspondence from Irish interests arguing for the inclusion of marine research and in our November 2006 vote on establishing a ´Framework for Community Action in the field of Marine Environmental Policy´, MEPs did insert the following amendments:

23) Account should also be taken of biodiversity and the potential for marine research associated with deep-water environments off the outermost regions and support should be given, under specific programmes, for the drawing-up of scientific studies with a view to the improved characterisation of deep-water ecosystems.

25 ) Since the programmes of measures executed under Marine Strategies will be effective and as cost-effective as possible only if they are devised on the basis of a sound scientific knowledge of the state of the marine environment in a particular area and tailored as closely as possible to the needs of the waters concerned in the case of each Member State and within the general perspective of the Marine Region concerned, it is necessary to provide for the preparation at national level of an appropriate framework, including marine research and monitoring operations, for informed policy-making.

(29) Support for research into the marine environment should be enshrined in the Seventh Framework Programme on research and development (2007-2013).

I think the extent to which these provisions are acted upon in Ireland is a matter primarily for the Irish research community and policy-makers but if re-elected to the EP on 5 June, I will afterwards ask the Commission about the extent to which EU R&D; funds have been allocated for marine research in Ireland and about forthcoming calls for proposals in this area which may be of interest.

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