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I am very pleased to hear that you are a candidate and wish you the best of luck! I am certain that you would be a good choice.

As an emigrant who might return home soon, I am concerned about unemployment in Ireland and how it will affect our population. I hope it will not force our young people to leave home as it did in the 1980´s.

Are MEP´s able to implement policies, e.g., policies that draw on the experiences of other European countries, independently of the party they belong to at home?

Thanks and good luck again.

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Nessa Childers

Thank you for the post .

The jobs issue is certainly the greatest concern of voters this election. Job creation must be a priority and the EU can help on this front. I recently launched a job creation policy. For starters we can tap into resources such as the European Investment Bank to get credit flowing to small and medium businesses. To equip and prepare business for a modern green economy we should also tap into the EU´s Globalization Adjustment Fund. To create a knowledge base for sustainable employment I will campaign for the establishment of an EU Skills Programme. These are simple steps that we can take at EU level that I will fight for as an MEP. For the full jobs policy you can download the pdf file at

As I said in the post below, Ireland must learn from the past experiences of our European colleagues - both positive and negative - so that we build on their successes and avoid their mistakes. This European dimension will be particularly helpful in areas such as immigration and transport.