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Issue: Agriculture
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Considering that you are campaigning to represent this country in the EU, I would have expected a much more professional and knowledgable response from you.

Thankfully for us, other, more intelligent and experienced candidates were able to respond to us detailing current EU laws on the matter, as well as explaining why some EU countries are exempt from the foie gras ban.

Your response was appreciated though, even though you clearly had no clue as to what you were talking about, and I can now advise our members in your constituency on who not to vote for.

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Michael McNamara


Two corrections:

Your question was posed to only two candidates in the the North West of whom I was the only one that replied.

I am not campaiging to represent this country but rather the constituents of the North West, the vast majority of whom are not interested in fois gras. I note that from the information that you supplied that you are from the Dublin constituency.

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