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An investigation is currently under way in view of possible temporary withdrawal of the GSP+ trade benefits from Sri Lanka on the grounds of alleged lack of effective implementation of three UN Human Rights conventions. What is your position regarding the current situation regarding the Tamil population of Sri Lanka and the proposed withdrawal of GSP+ benefits?
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Proinsias De Rossa

Dear ,

Thanks for your question. On 12 March, the European Parliament adopted
an emergency resolution on the then detoriating humanitarian situation
in Sri Lanka. A more detailed resolution on the situation there had been
adopted on 5 February last. I supported both of these resolutions.

I fully support the calls for an independent inquiry into violations of
international humanitarian and human rights laws in the conflict. I have
no doubt that this issue will be on the EU´s agenda over the coming
weeks and I will take up your suggestions in my contributions in these
debates. I would also point out that the Labour Party´s European
manifesto, available at and includes the
following commitment - ´We will work to ensure that all EU trade
agreements include appropriate, enforceable human, environmental and
social rights clauses...´ (p.21),

Best wishes,

Proinsias De Rossa MEP