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Do you have either an opinion or a policy regarding the dangers to the Irish people from genetically modified food?
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Thanks for your question. Labour´s manifesto for the last general election included a commitment to initiating studies and relevant research aimed at promoting informed debate on GMO production, with the aim of establishing if it would be in Ireland´s best interests to become one of the few GMO production-free areas in the world over the coming decade. This remains our position.

In the European Parliament I have questioned the Commission about the
Government´s continue failure to enact into Irish law EU legislation on
the controlled use of GMOs - Directive 98/81/EC.

WRITTEN QUESTION E-1237/09 by Proinsias De Rossa (PSE) to the Commission Subject: Contained use of GMOs in Ireland

Further to its answer of 17 September 2008 to my Question E-4072/08, what is the current situation with regard to the Commission´s infringement proceedings concerning the contained use of chemicals in Ireland (No 2007/2236)?

E-1237/09EN - Answer given by Mr Dimas on behalf of the Commission (28.4.2009)

Following the assessment of information received from the Irish authorities in response to the letter of formal notice, a number of ongoing issues of non-conformity with Directive 98/81/EC on the contained use of genetically modified micro-organisms have been identified. As a result, the Commission proposes to take the appropriate steps to raise these with the Irish authorities directly.

If re-elected to the EP on 5 June for the Dublin constituency, which is falling from four to three seats, I will continue to work on this issue at European level.

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Proinsias De Rossa MEP