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Dear Patricia,
If, as you say, the politicians of Ireland are severly lacking in commitment to just about all and any of the "agreed" environmental initiatives - and this appears to have been acceptable to Europe so far. Can I ask, if you should be elected, what actual and effective mechanism/s of enforcement will become available to you if you should wish to improve this situation?
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Patricia McKenna

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Thank you for your question. One of the most effective things an MEP can do
in regard to this issue is to push the Commission to follow up and force
member states to live up to the Directives that they themselves have agreed
to. To date Ireland has been sadly lacking in respect to compliance, plus
the Commission process is long drawn out and the Commission is always
reluctant to fine member states for failure to comply. I think however this
is starting to change. Furthermore, the Environment Commission is under
resourced and needs more support, ; which is an issue that I have been
pushing for years. But there is no doubt that having MEPs fighting for this
issue is of great benefit to NGOs working at the local as well as
international level.

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