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Issue: The role of regional and local government
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What are your thoughts on how the latest proposed amendments to the Irish Firearms Acts - as contained in the Criminal Justice (Misc.Provisions) Bill 2009 - contravene the EU directive on Firearms (91/477/EEC) by requiring all Irish firearms owners to only purchase ammunition or firearms from Irish registered firearms dealers instead of the current (and in force since 1964) laws that allow them to purchase from any registered firearms dealer in the EU so long as the appropriate paperwork is in place?
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Patricia McKenna

Dear ,

I am sorry but this is the first time that this issue has been brought to my
attention and I am not familiar with the current state of play. I would be
extremely reluctant to give you a reply before I have had a chance to carry
out further research on it. I always feel it is unwise to comment on
something that one is not well informed on. When I have done some research
on the issue I will get back to you. Thank you for your question.

All the best,