Question to: John Francis Higgins
Issue: The role of regional and local government
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What are your thoughts on how the latest proposed amendments to the Irish Firearms Acts - as contained in the Criminal Justice (Misc.Provisions) Bill 2009 - contravene the EU directive on Firearms (91/477/EEC) by requiring all Irish firearms owners to only purchase ammunition or firearms from Irish registered firearms dealers instead of the current (and in force since 1964) laws that allow them to purchase from any registered firearms dealer in the EU so long as the appropriate paperwork is in place?
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John Francis Higgins

I am unfamiliar with these laws in relation to weapons and the interaction
between state and EU law. I would need to study it more. Would this be a tax
generated i.e. more tax liable to be collected from sales in Ireland? It
would immediately strike me, that EU law is dominant. I have stated in my
Election literature that we have moved from a defensive conservative society
to an aggressive secular domain. This is happening to have sad repercussions
because there are more and more people around with less religious scruples.
They have no fear and leads to a sad increase in gun related crime. The
authorities have to try and stop this sudden breakout of wrongdoing. This
manifests itself in the Big Brother Syndrome. Sadly the whole legal and
justice edifice is overseen by people who canĀ“t remember, did not hear, and
were not there, when asked to account for their own actions. Yes in this
system it is the normal law abiding citizen who feels aggrieved. This need
not be the case if leaders have ideals and are prepared to step down from
office when they get things wrong. It really amazes me that our leaders put
themselves back up for re-election when they have turned us into a country
riddled with Debt.