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(...) The Labour Party is committed to reaching the 0.7% target. Our manifesto for the Euro-elections (available at and, p.21) states that "New, innovative sources of financing are needed in addition to delivering existing European aid commitments – notably, attributing at least 0.7% of Gross National Income to development policy – in a more coordinated, efficient and targeted way.". We have also condemned the Government´s decision to slash ODA spending by almost €100 million this year. (...)
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Issue Lisbon Treaty

what are your views on this topic?social welfare? yes the needy need it but what about the fraudlent claims?
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Dear Julie,

Thanks for your question. My position is that no one should receive
benefits they´re not entitled to but that everyone should receive what
they are entitled to. Special measures need to be put in place to ensure
that people, particularly those who are on the margins of society, are
given assistance to claim what they´re entitled to.

Best wishes,

Proinsias De Rossa MEP
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