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The role of regional and local government
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What are your thoughts on how the latest proposed amendments to the Irish Firearms Acts - as contained in the Criminal Justice (Misc.Provisions) Bill 2009 - contravene the EU directive on Firearms (91/477/EEC) by requiring all Irish firearms owners to only purchase ammunition or firearms from Irish registered firearms dealers instead of the current (and in force since 1964) laws that allow them to purchase from any registered firearms dealer in the EU so long as the appropriate paperwork is in place?
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Eibhlin Byrne

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Europe's role in the world
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My question relates to Europe’s Overseas Aid policy.

Would you campaign to ensure that the European Parliament and the European Commission put pressure on Member States to meet their individual aid targets of 0.7% of Gross National Income by 2015?

Given the current economic problems there is a risk that Member States will cut back their overseas aid budget. Failure to meet aid commitments puts the most vulnerable people in the world at risk.

Would you also campaign to ensure that EU overseas aid is transparent and the Accra Agenda for Action is implemented to ensure that aid reaches those people that need it most?

Thank you
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Civil rights, data protection and political participation
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Do you believe you are demeaning the position of Lord mayor by using photographs on you wearing ceremonial chains as part of your campaign?
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Eibhlin Byrne

Hi ,

I haven´t worn the chain of office in any of our literature or
posters but if I am at a function as Lord Mayor and someone takes a photo
and says I am a candidate for Europe I have no control over it.
I am very proud to represent the people of the city as Lord Mayor and I will continue
in that role until mid June. My term in office has further helped me to get
to know the people of this city on a more personal level and it has been a
fantastic opportunity for me. I now hope that what I have learnt from my six
years in politics and in my year as Lord Mayor of this city, will be of huge
benefit when I get to Europe.
Social policy
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The Post Office plays a vital role in our community in terms of jobs and services it provides which must be protected. What steps will you take to ensure that this is the case?
Can we depend on you to be a guardian of the public interest and vital public services?
Do you think taxpayers should be forced to fund An Post in the future when it is run without state aid now?
If not how do you propose to fund the universal service obligation which guarantees that every citizen enjoys a proper postal service with collection and delivery five times a week with a single price to all destinations?
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Eibhlin Byrne

The Post office network throughout Dublin provides an important vocal point
for individuals within the community. In my own local post office on
Clontarf Rd, John provides so much more than a postal service, including
book swaps etc. So be assured that I am firmly committed to maintaining all
activities that contribute to enhancing our strong sense of community in

The post office network within Dublin continues to thrive because of the
global population. I am aware of difficulties in the network in rural areas,
but unfortunately this is outside my remit. The improvements introduced in
the sorting systems in recent years have ensured the efficiencies necessary
for the postal services to compete with other forms of delivery courier
email etc. Throughout my year as Lord Mayor I have supported businesses and
community as a whole and we all know that businesses are the biggest users
of the postal network in Dublin city.

If we all continue to use and support the postal service it will have the
best chance of being self funding into the future.
Civil rights, data protection and political participation
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2 Questions

What can you in the European parliament do to pursue full equality and gay marriage and adoption for Irish homosexuals?/

What is your view on the damage to the environment caused by election posters and leaflets?
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Eibhlin Byrne

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