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CandidateWatch Ireland allowed you to question all Irish candidates in the European Elections 2009. Now that the European elections are over, candidatewatch.ie would like to thank all the voters who submitted questions, and the candidates who responded. Although the question facility was closed on the eve of polling, candidates will retain the option of responding to outstanding questions.

Over 142,000 of you have visited the site since our launch on May 5th. The bank of questions and answers now constitutes a ‘voters’ memory’ which you can consult to see how the parliamentary performance of those elected matches up to the views they expressed as candidates.

We will be assessing the project during the coming months, and will keep you posted here on any plans for the future.

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Replies friday, 05.06.2009

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Lisbon Treaty
(...) It now seems that it is down to wage competition between different regions of the EU and the departure of Dell to Poland is just one example. So are the numerous individuals from other member states who are being pushed to work for less than the minimum rate in service stations and shops around the country. (...)

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The role of regional and local government
(...) My thoughts on the free movement of goods and services means that I would tend toward the second scenario that you outline in your question, i.e. that people should be able to purchase goods and wares (ammunition for hunting or shooting, et cereta) provided that they have in their possession all of the correct documents that are required under the existing act in force. (...)

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Social policy
(...) On the question of committing myself to banning embryo destruction. Is that within my powers as an MEP? (...)

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Lisbon Treaty
(...) What the Lisbon Treaty does is to institutionalise the Charter of Fundamental Rights. (...) We argued these points endlessly in the campign leading up to the Lisbon Treaty and will do so again. (...)

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Polling in the Local and European Elections, and in the two by-elections, will take place Friday, June 5th.

Polling stations will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. If your name is on the electoral register but you have not received a polling card, you can still cast your vote: just go down to your local polling station, making sure to bring a valid form of identification, such as a passport, driving license or birth certificate.

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