Here are the most frequently-asked questions regarding candidatewatch.ie.
What can I do at candidatewatch.ie?
Candidatewatch.ie allows you to:

  • find the candidates who are standing at the next election in your region
  • question your candidates in a public environment

You do not need to register for any of the features, and it's totally free of charge.
How do I ask a question?
Every candidate has his/her own profile on the website. At the bottom of his profile, you will find a box where you can submit your question.
How can I find my candidate's profile?
There are two options:

  • You click on the candidate's electoral district on the map
  • If you already know the candidate's name, you can just type the Name into the "Search Box" at the top of the page
How do you ensure a fair and issue-based dialogue on candidatewatch.ie?
Every question and answer is checked by a team of moderators before the question/answer goes online. This system guarantees that contributions which are insulting, abusive or intrusive are not published on candidatewatch.ie. If the moderators refuse to clear a question/answer, both the candidate and the questioner will be informed accordingly. This ensures a maximum of transparency. The moderation Code of Conduct is available at the bottom of the question box of every profile.
Who is behind all this?
Candidatewatch.ie is a cooperative partnership between parlamentwatch.de and TASC, the Irish think tank for action on social change
How is candidatewatch.ie financed?
The dialogue between voters and candidates is free of charge. In addition, candidates may upgrade their profiles to include certain features. In return for a once-off payment of €100, candidates can add a picture, CV, political goals and an election campaign calendar to their profile.

These additional features are optional and there is no requirement whatsoever to avail of them. Basic details such as name, party, constituency, professional qualification and current occupation, as well as the interaction with voters, are available as standard and are completely free of charge.
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