Gabriel ´Gay´ Mitchell (Fine Gael)

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Commerce, Accountancy and Business



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Lisbon Treaty
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As a confused voter one deciding factor would the Lisbon treaty, why has your party not stated that the Lisbon treaty should not be put to the Irish people again? It has been rejected before so why aren´t voters rights respected?

Anxiously awaiting reply,

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Gabriel ´Gay´ Mitchell

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Consumer protection
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I would like to know your views on the Liberalisation of the Postal Service, which is due to be opened in January 2011.
Will you work to ensure quality postal services in Ireland and do you recognise the vital role played by An Post in delivering the Universal Service Obligation(USO)?
Will you work to ensure appropiate financial support in order to maintain the USO, but not at a cost to the taxpayer given that An Post is currently run without government support?

Finally, will you demonstrate that postal services should provide important, decent and stable jobs that have to be protected even in times of liberalisation and financial crisis?
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Gabriel ´Gay´ Mitchell

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Climate change and energy supply
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2 Questions

What can you in the European parliament do to pursue full equality and gay marriage and adoption for Irish homosexuals?/

What is your view on the damage to the environment caused by election posters and leaflets?
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Gabriel ´Gay´ Mitchell

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Civil rights, data protection and political participation
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What are your policies around the lack of equality and rights for gay people in Ireland?

Specifically, what are your views around gay marriage, partnership rights, adoption, and the discrimination allowed by religious institutions that is enshrined in our Employment Equality Act legislation, and what will you do to address these issues?
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Gabriel ´Gay´ Mitchell

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