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• I would like to know if you support the liberalisation of the postal services.
• An Post plays a vital role in this local community in terms of the jobs and services it provides which must be protected. What steps will you take to ensure that this is the case?
• Can we depend on you to be a guardian of the public interest and vital public services?
• Do you think taxpayers should be forced to fund An Post in the future when it is run without state aid now?
• If not how do you propose to fund the Universal Service Obligation which guarantees that every citizen enjoys a proper postal service with collection and delivery five times a week with a single price to all destinations?
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Nessa Childers

Thank you for your question, .

I´m committed first and foremost to ensuring that the Universal Service Obligation is enshrined, and indeed defined, in law. An Post provides a vital service to communities right across Ireland, and we must not let that fall by the wayside.

In Ireland, the Universal Service Obligation must be secured into the future but in a country with a large rural population this creates a particular challenge. Private companies entering the market may seek to cherry pick the most popular elements of the service. Labour has called for any legislation to transpose the liberalisation package to ensure that An Post is not put at an unfair disadvantage.

I am committed to protecting public services across the board. Indeed, I signed the EPSU´s Pledge to Protect Public Services in Brussels earlier this year. -

I hope this answers all your questions.

Lisbon Treaty
Question from

I am interest to know that since the rejection of the Irish "No" has clearly shown the EU as a dictatorship what you think you can do if anything to change this situation?
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Nessa Childers

no reply so far
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