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Europe's role in the world
Question from

Dear Ms McKenna,

The question that I wish to ask you concerns Europe´s trade policy. I am wondering if you are willing to sign the Comhlamh Pledge to work to bring about a full scale re-think of the EU´s trade policy and ensure that it prioritises ideas such as development and human rights.

However, unlike your opponents I cannot find any contact details whatsoever for you online. I would be happy to email you, send a letter or make a phone call.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with a means of contacting you. Elected officials should have at least one of the above lines of communication open between them and those whom they ask for votes from.

All the best,

Reply from
Patricia McKenna

no reply so far
Question from

Dear Patricia

Congradulations on your seperation from a redundant party.

With this in mind, what issues will you be campaigning subject to your re-election to Europe.

Many Thanks
Reply from
Patricia McKenna

no reply so far
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