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Tomás Sharkey (Sinn Fein)

Year born

Professional qualification
BA Hons Celtic Studies, Queens University Belfast. Higher Diploma in Education, NUI Maynooth.

Development Officer for the teaching and learning of Gaeilge. Dept of Education and Science.


Phone number
087-9090629 / 042 9328859


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Question from

• I would like to know if you support the liberalisation of the postal services.
• An Post plays a vital role in this local community in terms of the jobs and services it provides which must be protected. What steps will you take to ensure that this is the case?
• Can we depend on you to be a guardian of the public interest and vital public services?
• Do you think taxpayers should be forced to fund An Post in the future when it is run without state aid now?
• If not how do you propose to fund the Universal Service Obligation which guarantees that every citizen enjoys a proper postal service with collection and delivery five times a week with a single price to all destinations?
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Tomás Sharkey

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Climate change and energy supply
Question from

As an enviromentally minded 21 year old, who is also a realist, I would like to hear your proposals on how to deal with the global energy crisis which is having such a negative effect on our economy, in an enviromentally friendly way?

Reply from
Tomás Sharkey

a chara

Thank you for your question. It is great to engage with so many people on this site and have so many people view the responses.
Climate change is happening now. We have to stop or hugely reduce our emissions immediately. The fastest way to set up energy generation for Ireland is through wave and wind power. Wind Turbines can be planned, built and commissioned in a matter of months. That is how we can get clean electricity onto our grid.

Unfortunately there is a party in Europe that wants to use the climate change crisis as an excuse to build Nuclear Power Plants! That party is Fine Gael and the EPP. That party wants more plants built and cheaper. Fine Gael want more Sellafields built with Wavin piping, stud walls and Homer Simpson in charge. This is an affront to the Irish people.

Nuclear Power should have no future. It takes at least 10 years to plan build and commission a Nuclear Plant and even then it is an inexact science - there could be defects that prevent it´s commissoning. There is only 50 years o plutonium left for mining. The carbon footprint of the building and mining is as much as could be saved by the electricity generated.

CND have a comprehensive document on this issue. I stand firmly with CND. Fine Gael doesnt.

I have called on Mairéad Mc Guinness in particular to try to defend her support for Nuclear. Nuclear is a threat to our health, agriculture and environment. She has failed to come clean on this issue and reject her party´s plans. Shame on her.

As an MEP I will oppose this Nuclear Plan. Until then I will continue to expose Fine Gael for what they are ... nuclear lovers.

As a young environmentalist you can do your part by getting a commitment from every candidate to oppose the FG/EPP plans.

Ádh mór ort,

Lisbon Treaty
Question from

I am interest to know that since the rejection of the Irish "No" has clearly shown the EU as a dictatorship what you think you can do if anything to change this situation!
Reply from
Tomás Sharkey

Seán a chara

Thanks a million for the question. it is crucial that as many as people as possible quiz the candidates on as many issues as possible.

We rejected Lisbon. The Parliament refuses to allow the democratic voice be heard. This week they accepted 5 reports on how they will implement the Treaty. Proinsias de Rossa voted even before the Referendum that he would not respect a No vote. Imagine if this was happening in Asia, Africa, South America?

So how do we address a problem where the politicians refuse to listen? Change the politicians. As an MEP I would have stood shoulder to shoulder with Mary Lou Mc Donald when she called on the Parliament not to plan the implementation of a Treaty that has no legal basis. We should be dealing with the real issues of homelessness, workers rights, neutrality, gobal warming.

For my part I will fight hard to become an MEP who protects democracy. For your part, get as many voters to support me.

Le Meas

Tomás Sharkey
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