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Question from

I am currently a student finishing Transition Year and my parents will face significant difficulties sending me to a good university if fees are reinstated in Ireland. What is your position on university fees and if the Fianna Fáil government does reinstate them, will you take action in Europe to ensure that whatever the Parliament can do to alleviate financial difficulties of middle-and-working class Dublin families trying to make a better life for their children.

I scored 5 As and 5 Bs in my Junior Certificate examinations, and I hope to score above 500 points in my Leaving Certificate, and I wish to go into law, but there is practically no chance of me being able to get through college and the further education required to practice if fees are instated in Irish universities. I promise that if you commit to helping students get through the tough times and come out as a new, well educated workforce ready to come out running with the end of the recession, I will try to convince my parents to vote for yourself.
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Proinsias De Rossa

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Question from

I would like to know your views on the Liberalisation of the Postal Service, which is due to happen in January 2011.
Will you work to ensure quality postal services in Ireland and do you recognise the vital role played by An Post in delivering the Universal Service Obligation(USO)?
Will you work to ensure appropiate financial support in order to maintain the USO, but not at a cost to the taxpayer given that An Post is currently run without government support?

Finally, will you demonstrate that postal services should provide important, decent and stable jobs that have to be protected even in times of liberalisation and financial crisis?
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Proinsias De Rossa

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Social policy
Question from

Do you support the liberalisation of the postal services?
The Post Office plays a vital role in our community in terms of jobs and services it provides which must be protected. What steps will you take to ensure that this is the case?
Can we depend on you to be a guardian of the public interest and vital public services?
Do you think taxpayers should be forced to fund An Post in the future when it is run without state aid now?
If not how do you propose to fund the universal service obligation which guarantees that every citizen enjoys a proper postal service with collection and delivery five times a week with a single price to all destinations?
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Proinsias De Rossa

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EU defence
Question from

How do you feel about the fact that our tax payers money will be spent on military equipment and hardware? This amount will be dictated to us by the EDA European Defence Agency. When we don´t have enough money for hospitals or education for our children. Your party want a yes vote for lisbon. By voting yes you are voting for the EDA. .. The EDA is a central part of the Lisbon treaty...
Hospitals NOT Helicopters I say.
Please explain you way out of that one!
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Proinsias De Rossa

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Question from

Given that most economies seem to be in a catch 22, in that raising taxes is leaving less money for people to spend, which results in less taxes collected, coupled with rising unemployment increasing social costs and further reducing taxes collected, what is your vision for stimulating employment? The assumptions are the government does not have money to spend on big infrastructure projects, or business incentives and social costs are rising while tax receipts continue to fall. What can be done to change the tide into a positive direction?
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Proinsias De Rossa

Dear ,

Thank you for your question, which I think raises why we need Europe now more than ever. The Labour Party has been to the forefront in putting jobs at the top of the political agenda in Ireland but what what we need at European level is to work together better and agree a strengthened European economic recovery plan. The Labour Party has and our sister parties in the Party of European Socialists have set out detailed proposals in this regard which are available at plan. This has been incorporated into our European election manifesto available at from 13 May.

Best wishes,

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